Choosing the right color for filling eyebrows is very important to compliment the look, if we work so hard on perfecting our makeup we also have to pay some attention to our brows. Plucked brows are easy to work with because the clean shape is already there, the only work to be done is filling them with the product. The difficult part is when the brows are not plucked, they need extra work to perfect them and to make them both look symmetrical.

There are alot of eyebrow products, they come in either a powder (just like an eyeshadow), or gel (like an gel eyeliner), some come in a form of mascara. You can also use a regular eyeshadow but specialized brow products are more suitable because they are smudge proof, they will stay longer and neater on the brows. Of course there is nothing wrong in using an eyeshadow, just be careful not to touch your brows alot.

I am very picky when it comes to my eyebrows, i rejected so many products, the only one that satisfied me was MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow, it is a little bit ashy but it works perfect on my brows, i dont like them to look harsh, i just want to fill in the spaces to make them look fuller. My only problem with MAC’s eyeshadow that it is an eyeshadow, and as i mentioned above brow products are smudge proof and the eyeshadow is not, sometimes i feel that i need to fill my brows again during the day which is not practical at all.

I have tried this product lately by Anastasia and i really liked it, what i liked about it that there is a very light shade that comes with the brown, i can lighten or darken the color as i wish by mixing both. It comes in a very small compact with a mirror. The formula is of course a smudge proof, my brows stayed neat all day and the color by the end of the day is as fresh as i first applied it.

It is best to fill the brows using an angled brush, and brush them with a spooley.

Personally i like the powder formulas more than gel because i want my brows to look as natural as possible during a normal day, maybe gel products are suitable for special occasions for a change or to have a perfectly drawn brows.

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