Yesterday i was watching one of HudaBeauty video tutorials, she was using a Max Factor product, and in the middle of her tutorials she said something i thought i understood it wrong, but when i checked with her it turned out to be right. The American cosmetic brand CoverGirl is the same as Max Faxtor, but in the United Stated it is called CoverGirl and Worldwide it is called Max Factor. They both have the same exact products but under different names, so if you loved something from CoverGirl try to seach it in Max Factor.

And i have to admit this was a big surprise to me and no wonder i said that the Falsh Lash Effect mascara by Max Factor is almost the same as CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume (check my previous post about the mascaras). Actually the natural one (in black) is more like the CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume and not the Fusion Volume & Length. I loved the Natural mascara and i was using it constancy because it reminded me alot of the CoverGirl, i am so happy i heard the news lately. I will dig more into Max Factor since it is the same as CoverGirl.


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