Illamasuqa Skin Base Foundation is the new “Must Have” foundation, after NARS Sheer Glow! Remember when everyone was dying to get this foundation which, by the way, i still use it and its fabulous! Anyways the Illamasqua Skin Base is quite different, i dont remember using such a heavy foundation before, most of the ones i used are mostly sheer or medium coverage. SB Foundation is heavy and you can built it up for more coverage, the formula is a little bit thick than normal foundations, but the good thing about it that its not cakey at all, so dont be scared when i said it is a thick and heavy coverage foundation because it is absolutely light weighted.

The colors were a bit tricky, i didnt know how to choose my color and i hate trying out foundation on my face at stores, i usually swatch on the back of my hands and see what’s more suitable, i found it difficult to find my color, i was tricked between shade 9 up to 12. So i thought i will try one shade and decide to study the formula and color to be able to pick up the right color next time (that if i didnt pick it up the first time). So i chose #9, i usually use yellow based foundation but this one is quite yellow, it is not bad but maybe if i mix it with another color i will get the perfect shade.

Illamasuqa made it a bit easier to choose the right shade by having a comparison chart on the website, comparing the SB with some brands. So if you are intending to get a SB foundation have a look first at the color comparison to know your shade.

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