Lately i have been washing my hands alot in a day, like crazy!! My nails and cuticles are so dry and they need constant moisturizing, but i tend to forget to apply hand cream during the day so my only time is during the night, when i sleep. I tried a couple of hand cream products, some of them were really good and some of them were OK, but the L’Occitane Cuticle and Nail Cream is by far the best one i have used so far for my nails and cuticle. It is very moisturizing that i can feel my cuticle area is very soft on the next day.

The formula is creamy and thick, only applied on the nail area and massage it a bit until the area absorbs the cream. The tube is very small but it stays a long time because you only need a very small amount on each nail, i think that the price is a bit pricy on such a small size, i think it was about 80 something AED, i am comparing it with the small hand cream that ae usually sold for AED 45/-, but i believe since this one is considered a kind of treatment then i can justify the price.

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