It is hard for me to find a good foundation that doesn’t break out my skin, i have an oily and acne prone skin, i spent most my life trying out products and half of them broke out my skin.

Lately i have been addictive into trying new foundations, i haven’t used liquid foundations for many years, but only recently. Foundation to me was only used for special occasions, i probably had two or three, i didn’t spend my money on something that i don’t use that often, i wasn’t too keen in trying them because i know they would break out my skin.

Probably 2 years ago i started buying more foundations and experimenting them, my skin (God knows how and why) but it came kind of acne resistant, maybe its age i don’t know!! But this gave me a chance to try out more products, but this doesn’t mean some wont cause me break outs!

Now i love wearing foundation on a daily basis, i simply got used to it, and since i do a full makeup them why not add a foundation instead of just pressed powder? i will definitely look more prepped and primed.

One of the really good foundations that matches my oily and acne prone skin is the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+, this foundation is an oil free, water resistant and matifies the skin, it gives a kind of good powdery finish. The coverage is really good so a small amount of the product is enough.

Even if i use a matte finish foundation i have to powder my face, i use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder, it is very light and natural, i use a small amount to powder my face, just to matify any foundation i use and settle the foundation.

The shades are very tricky, i was very tricked at first when i chose my first Mat Velvet+ foundation, but i went again to get my right color when i understood how the numbering works, they come in 15,20,25,30,35..etc kind of numbering but for example 30 is light, 35 comes very dark and then 40 is lighter than 35. So in case you wanted to buy this foundation take your time and try all the colors not only one or two which you think is suitable. And put in your consideration what type of skin tone you have, yellow or pink.

You can see this below photo of swatches to get an idea of what i am talking about.

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  1. i love makeup for ever, they have good foundations and eyeshadows of course

    i will give it a try, if they give us sample it will be much better, i used to take sample from stores in London or France. it will really help

  2. vintagelady, i think they give samples but maybe in these very small samples and not in a real bottle, probably they wont have all shades available just a color or two. and this is what i hate about our store, they are not aware of the importance of giving away samples, this way they will encourage us to buy the product but picking the right color.

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