It is time to show you trailers of some movies i cannot wait to watch!! This time i will show you another “twisted” story of Snow White (beside Snow White and the Huntsman), and i cannot understand why all the stories about Snow White? She used to be my least favorite of Disney princesses!! I used to hate her voice when she sings “I’m wishing”!!

I love Julia Roberts, the role suits her extraordinary smile! And by the way, i have issues with Lily Collins eyebrows! Dont you agree with me that they’re too thick?

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  1. Me too can’t wait, unlike you, i love snow-white since i saw her movie when i was a little girl, it was translated into egyptian voices , so all the songs were in arabic looool

    I didn’t like Lily Collins, i don’t see her in snow white at all :p

    do you know when it will be released??

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