Having the essential makeup brushes is really important to apply makeup properly, i invested so much in these brushes and i have to say that some of them are really worth it, and some are not. Not that they are useless but maybe i didnt find the right to use it or the right product to use it with. Yes, a product could make a difference with every brush, not all of them are applied the same and will not have the same result.
So here is my list of the brushes/applicator to apply liquid foundation:
(Excuse the dirty brushes but i didnt have time to clean them)

MAC 190, or Sigma F60
This is my least favorite, i rarely use this brush, i actually hate it. But if i ever used it to apply the foundation i have to even it out afterwards using a sponge, either MAC’s rectangular sponges , or Beauty Blender.

Sigma F80, Sigma F82, and Sigma F84
These are the new Synthetic Kabuki brushes (check my previous post about them) especially made for foundation application. What’s good about these brushes that they are super dense and very soft on the skin. It is very easy to apply foundation with them, i find them the easiest and most comfortable way in applying a liquid foundation. If you dont want to get all of them then i say that the Angled Top Kabuki Brush-F84 is the most perfect one.

MAC Duo Fiber 187, or Sigma F50
I was first taught that this brush is good in applying blushes, which is true but it is also really good in applying foundation. I tend to notice that some foundations work best with certain brushes and i discovered that Makeup Forever HD foundation looks better on me when i apply it using this brush. Just move the brush in circular motion to blend it.

MAC Duo Fiber 130
I havent seen this brush in our stores yet (correct me if i am wrong), this brush first came in one of the foundation collections almost a year ago, it is very small, even smaller than the MAC, and its hairs are very short, but it works really good with foundations. Its blending effect is almost the same as the MAC but since this one is very small it makes it easier to read difficult areas like around the eyes and corner of the nose.

There is another MAC Duo Fiber brush which i absolutely love but i dont use it for foundation, it is the MAC 188, which i normally use it for creme blushes, this brush is very similar to the big Duo Fiber 187 and the small 130, but this one has taller bristles like the 187. This white pointed bristles make it easy to pick up the creme product, and i normally just dab the brush in the areas where i want the blush to be, i keep dabbing instead of blending to get the desired color and look. Here is a picture showing the differences between the three Duo Fiber brushes.

Makeup artist raved about this pink sponge years ago and they are right to do all this fuss about it, its perfect in applying foundation. The sponge is small in size but once you run it under water it will expand, squeeze the excess out and use it in applying foundation. It is best used by dabbing in on the skin, be patient and you skin will look flawless in minutes.

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