Is my post weird talking about the best deodorant in the whole world? Do you even feel comfortable talking about the kind of deodorant you use? LOL weird i know but i really want to share my love of this product. I have been using it for almost 10 years now, and its the best so far, i have tried so many brands before and i didnt feel that much comfortable until i used HEX by Merle Norman.

I am not an expert in deodorant (LOL) but this one doesnt leave any kind of sticky residue, its smell is very mild and it keeps the area nice and clean for a very long time. Other products leaves a powdery access when it dries but not this one, just make sure you apply a reasonable amount.

It would be useless if i talked about this product a couple of years ago because it wasnt sold in the UAE, but lucky Merle Norman store first opened 2 years ago in Sharjah then Dubai, and recently it opened in Abu Dhabi at Mushrif Mall.

Give it a try, and i really hope you love it as much as i do, using it for 10 years is a proof.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the review.
    I just purchased it two days ago. Still haven’t used it.
    I was concerned it might darken my underarm area.have you noticed any change in color after use?

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