The Cambridge Satchel Company is a British based leather company that became widely famous with the Satchel bag that we’ve all seen in hundreds of fashion photos. a Satchel is a bag with a strap that goes long beside the hip, basically its an ugly bag that we’ve never thought of wearing until the fashionable ones came from The Cambridge Company.

The bag is pretty fashionable with its colors, they are trendy, the leather is very hard, i wished if it was a bit softer. The cutting is pretty obvious in the edges, wasnt very neat. But the good thing about it that its price is pretty reasonable, around AED 750 at Bloomingdales. The Satchel comes in different sizes, and alot of pretty colors.

The Satchel bags are sold in various stores like Bloomingdales and Symphony, you can also order it online (prices are less).

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