For the very first time, Cartier, the famous French Jewelry house, created an epic 3:31 min movie to show the journey between dream and reality, focuses on its history, its value and inspiration, its artistic and universal scope.
The movie is directed by the French Bruno Aveillan, who also directed a commercial ad for Louis Vuitton  called “A journey” that won several awards, for Shangri-La hotel called “Its in our nature”, for Sephora and many more brands. The magical music is composed by Pierre Adenot.

3 real panthers were used to film the movie, and as acclaimed real panthers never seen ice in their life and this epic movie is a first. The film was filmed in 4 different countries starting from its snow journey at St. Petersburg (Russia), meeting the golden dragon in China then riding an elephant’s back at India. Then the panther rides an identical replica of the airplane built by Alberto Santos-Dumont, to showcase the classic Cartier Santos watch. Finally the panther lands in Cartier’s home land, Paris, where he meets the model Shalom Harlow.

The short movie is divided into 7 magical chapters named as follow:

Chapter 1: Full Breath.
Chapter 2: Land of the Stars.
Chapter 3: Love and Trinity.
Chapter 4: The Celestial Dragon join the Menagerie.
Chapter 5: Indian Dream.
Chapter 6: Conquering the Skies.
Chapter 7: Panther.

“The only limit is our imagination” – Bruno Aveillan

L’Odyssée de Cartier is now showing in theaters commercials.

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