As you know today was the launch of the much anticipated collection of Marni at H&M, i wasnt thrilled about this collection. Marni is more of an oldie retro grandma style to me, its “nice” but not “that nice” if you know what i mean. Alot of people either Loved or Hated it, i didnt see anyone had an “in between” opinion.

My thoughts about the collection?
Well what really caught my eyes are the full prints and patterns, i am a very colorful and festive person, i dont go much for plain clothes, i love prints and colors, and Marni did have alot of prints in the fabrics but the colors werent festive.
Regarding the fabric, and this was my biggest problem, was very cheap, the so-called silk was actually a non-silky silk, i am not sure of the fabric but it felt kind of more of a nylon, but definitely not silk. For the “non silk” fabrics, like the dotted jackets, pants and skirts, in addition to the gold and purple top and skirt, it was VERY tough, very uncomfortable in wear, maybe the skirts are find but not the shirt and pants.
Prices were kind of reasonable, i guess the most expensive piece was about AED 700.

My review might seem a little more negative than positive, and you might wonder why i bought from the collection. First of all i wasnt intending on buying anything when i saw the collection online, the colors and models are not my style, but i was going to the mall anyways and i thought why not pass by and have a look at them, i might change my mind. They were much better in real, and the more i looked at them the more i liked them. But once the pieces arrived home i was in love, maybe because its of a well known designer, maybe because its limited, i dont know!

So i will leave you with some pictures of what i got from the collection, tell me your thoughts? and did you like my picks?

The bags, olive green sheer plastic bags and white on top
Clothes covers, made of creamy cotton fabric with Marni at H&M print
My picks, 5 pieces
The shirts, i also loved the hangers
A long sleeves dress with an black short sleeve coat, my favorite picks
The shirt has two print sides, i flipped one of the sleeves so you can see the other print
Got pants to match with one of the tops
Mix and match with the other shirt

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  1. hahahahah u know I loved el collection, as u said when u see them in real, you will love them, i loved the mix of colors, but for me it was exhausted experience hahahah visiting the mall 3 times in two days :-s

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