In the past couple of months i have been using some hair products by I.C.O.N. and i absolutely loved this hair spray, this one is from the Cure line that is especially made for breast cancer donation, you can easily tell by the design of the bottle with the pink ribbon. This hair spray is a leave-in spray conditioner to help moisturizer the hair and strengthen tired and unruly hair.

Why i use a leave-in spray conditioner?
Well first of all, this leave-in treatment isn’t like the others i have used, most of them actually make my hair dry, but since this is a spray conditioner then it is supposed to act like a hair conditioner and soften the hair. This product is perfect for very dry hair and the one that has been under sever chemical treatment, which is my case. I used to have a very oily hair but from the excessive use of hair colors and bleaches the hair breaks and gets really dry. I spray this treatment on my hair immediately after shower and again whenever i feel my hair lacks moisture. I try to avoid the roots area so i wont have oil excess, but this doesnt mean it makes my hair greasy, not at all, it just adds extra moisture to it.

You can find this products at beauty salons.

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