This is one of the best products that i have been using lately, well not lately but in the past 2 years and i loved it. I appreciate the not-so-common products to be in my almost daily routine, i don’t use this cream every single day but i always make sure it is always available on my vanity and when i travel or spend the weekend in another city.

The VitaZing is an energy boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen, means it is rich of vitamins which awakens the skin and makes it alive and vibrant, so it is most suitable to be used in the mornings and not nights, with the added SPF15 it protects the skin. Not only this!! But the cream itself has these little tiny brownish sandy like grains, so when you first apply it on the skin it immediately feels like you are going to scrub your skin, but amazingly those little brownish grains melt and you wont even feel them, but they will add a hint of color to your skin, so this product not only moisturizes and protects your skin but also works as a tinted moisturizer.Amazing huh! No wonder this is my second tube.

Now there are three bad things about this product, first it smells weird, kind of bad, i am not sure how i describe it, but i remember the first time i used it i immediately thought it is made of Fenugreek (is the name correct? Its is 7elba in arabic)! The second bad thing that it is not sold in the UAE and as far as i know not even in the Middle East(please correct me if i am wrong), so if you are lucky enough to be living or traveling abroad anytime soon then better stock it!! The third bad thing might not worth mentioning but the tube gets dirty so easily and it annoys me, i light my things to look clean and shiny but this one doesn’t, you can obviously see it in the photo and this is the new tube that i just opened a week ago, but i put it once in my handbag.

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