Since i became pregnant and i became a sucker for Palmer’s products, the brand is especially made for pregnant women to help them go through a smooth pregnancy with soft skin and minimize the appearance of stretch marks of not prevent them. Palmer’s is well known if its Cocoa and Shea butter products, they are very moisturizing and highly recommend it for people who have really dry and difficult skin.

Anyways, i have been using this body oil for the last 2 months and absolutely love it, it is kind of similar to Johnson’s baby oil where you apply it all over the body while its wet after taking a shower then dry it with a towel, i dont really like Johnson’s that much now because i feel it is kind of hot on the skin during the summer, but Palmer’s one is not. The smell of Cocoa Butter kind of annoys me, not that it smells bad but it smells a bit heavy when i first apply it but it kind of fades away after drying the skin.

The oil keeps the skin soft and smooth until the next showering, it is an amazing product if you dont like the feel of body lotions and creams. Also a good thing about such oils that they dont get washed easily, like having a fice times ablution a day can rinse off body moisturizers from the arms and feel but not this one, the skin from inside gets moisturized and it will feels really soft.

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