I love tinted moisturizers, i got a dozen and i like to use them equally beside the foundations, so its like one day for a foundation and the next for a tinted moisturizer, i love most of what i got and they give me a natural glow with a very light coverage if not non, some just give me a natural glow like almost having a healthy skin.

So i went this time and got the Smashbox Sheer Focuz Tinted Moisturizer, as it says it is sheer so there is barely coverage, and it has the Citrus Honey moisturization technology that nourishes the skin in addition the UVA/UVB SPF15 protection, beside that it is an oil-free product so it is very suitable for oily skin. The tinted moisturizer comes in 4 shades from Fair to Dark in addition to a translucent one called Luminous, and this is what i got.

The Luminous can be worn alone or mixed with any of the shades to add a natural glow. I decided to just wear it alone and powder it with the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural with a big fluffy brush, so the color itself will come from the powder with a bit of an underglow from the tinted moisturizer. The skin doesnt get oily as fast as the other regular tinted moisturizer, it is very lightweighted, natural and definitely beautifully glowy.

*When some products like foundations and tinted moisturizers are described to have a glowy effect it doesnt mean that it is shimmery or anything like that, but the product itself gives a natural radiant effect, like a natural light coming out of the skin/face.

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