MAC created the VIVA GLAM to raise funds to promote AIDS/HIV awareness. “Every cent from the sale goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.”

This time the collaboration is with the hip hop star Nicki Minaj that created a beautiful vibrant coralish pink lipstick in addition to her signature on the inside of the lipstick’s packaging, and with the pop singer Ricky Martin to have his signature on MAC’s  lip conditioner.

The lipstick is really vibrant, might be daring to some girls but it is absolutely beautiful, the finishing is described as Satin that goes more into the Matte finish and maybe that’s why i love the lipstick more, i have difficulty in feeling comfortable wearing such a daring vibrant color but because it is a bit matte it makes it more subtle. I have found that the color finish looks more “neat” when i fix it with a lip brush at the end.

The lip conditioner tube is from the permanent line, i have used a tube before and the Ricky Martin’s one is my second, i am known to my addiction to lip conditioner and this one is really good. The texture is very soft and slippery which some people find it annoying, that’s why i prefer wearing it during the day time and apply more thicker formula by night.

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