Vera Collection was launched almost two weeks ago and i was thrilled to get the two face powders which come in very cute design with the little bug on the side (which btw freaks me out sometimes). The colors are very summery and light, they are not as pigmented as it shows in the packaging, the highlight part is pretty intense so if you have them you better be careful not to use alot of the highlight on your cheeks, so make sure to dab your brush more on the upper part where the darker colors are. You can also swirl your brush all over the powder but getting the highlight mixed with the darker colors will only make the result look lighter.

Even thought the color of the nailpolish is absolutely gorgeous but i was very disappointed with the pigmentation, i wore like 4 coats and it still didnt look as opaque as i wanted it to be. Regarding the Pearlglide intense eyeliner, well there is no question about its intensity and how smoothly it glides, i love the little glittery stuff in there which makes it more beautiful.


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