My friend first told me about this foundation that she read it somewhere in a beauty/fashion blog and how good it is, so she told me to try it to let her know what i think, if its good or not, so she can decide if she wants to buy it, or not!! hehe funny, but i didnt mind at all because i love trying new things and i was in the hunt for a new foundation.

The foundation claims to boost radiance by 70% through its fruit “therapy” ingredients (apricot, melon, ginger and apple), and it lasts up to 16 hours! which i think this is an extreme, i wont look for a foundation that would last for 16 hours! this means that i will wear the foundation by 8 am and remove it by 12 am!!

Anyways, this is a very light weight foundation, very smooth and easy to glide and blend into the skin, the coverage is light to medium, and it can be built up into medium but not more than this, i loved its texture, its very light and so easy to work with, it mixes well with the skin and it takes no time to get it done.

The only thing about this foundation that it oxidizes in no time, “oxidization” happens when the foundation/powder interacts with the natural skin oils that will turn the foundation into a darker shade or sometimes orange. This can be avoided by wearing a primer first, so my advice for oily/combination skin people to wear a primer to prevent the foundation from oxidization.

There are many good foundation primers such as Makeup Forever, Too Faced and my top favorite Laura Mercier (available for UAE at SugarDust).

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  1. Delyteful Speaks, yah true i like using it for a quick outie but i noticed it breaks out my skin too so i dont like keeping it long on my skin.

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