MAC recently launched Hey, Sailor! Collection which is all about nautical and bronze colors, summer collections are always my favorite because i always prefer those warm/peach colors, but i am not a big fan of nautical (which is usually red, white and blue). Hey, Sailor! collection combined both so there were variety of colors and styles, and not the typical “bronzy” summer colors.
The collection also includes a limited edition bronzing brush, makeup bags, and a tote.

Those are my picks and thoughts of the collection:

The collection got only 2 colors and both of them are really beautiful, both of them are more into a pinky shade. Fleet Fast is the dark one, it has a satin finish and has pinky peach color. The other lighter shade is called Launch Away! This blush is very light, it might not show on darker skin tones, it has a satin finish and looks in the package as a whity peach, and ones applied if feels sooo powdery but gives a really nice pink hint.


Highlight Powder
This highlight powder looks really pretty and couldnt help but buy it! It is called Crew and it has those pretty pink, orange and purple stripes over a pearl base. This is not a highlighter at all, it gives too much pink color ones applies and it is very close to Launch Away! blush.

I wasnt amazed with the lipsticks the first i saw them, but the more i look at the them the more i like them, i actually bought all of them by going to the MAC store 3 times, the first time i got Red Racer and Sail La Vie, the second time i got Salute! because they gave me Red Racer instead of Salute! by mistake, the third time i went and bought To Catch a Sailor. Red Racer is a bright kind of orangy red, a really beautiful shade, Sail La Vie is an orange red, this is the most beautiful color in the lipstick collection. Salute! is a very nude lipstick, looks gross when i apply it but i always like to get the nude colors to use as a base then add a hint of color from another lipstick or gloss. To Catch a Sailor is a very weird color, it is a frost metallic beige. I didnt like it at first but then i thought of it a million times and purchased it, i dont think i will use it alot, its not a practical color but its nice, a kind of change from the usual lipsticks.


the collection have some pigmented lipglasses and sheer ones, i am not a lipgloss person and i rarely use them but they come in handy sometimes, i mostly like to use lipgloss over a nude lipstick and the color i chose is Blessedly Rich, it is a burnt orange with gold shimmer, and wears really nicely.


I only got shades from this collection which are Jaunty and Barefoot. The other colors are not the kind i often use which are bright shimmery green, blue and a permanent shadow called Crystal Avalanche which i already have. Jaunty is a shimmery beige, works nice on all over the lid and to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. Barefoot is dirty shimmery gold.

Powerpoint Eye Pencil
Those eye pencils are amazing and a must have, the texture is creamy and glides smoothly, wont work good inside the eyes sinxe its creamy but will work great on the lash line. The only colors i got is Handforged which is a copper color.

Pro Longwear Lip Pencils
The pro longwear lip pencils are supposed to wear longer than the normal ones, the feel and texture of it is really soft and creamy, i got the shades in Thrown Me A Line! which is an orangy red, and Shore Leave which is the pink coral. I like applying creamy lip liners all over the lips and add a gloss on top.

Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder
This concept is new to MAC, they have pro lonwear products but never a bronzer, the idea is very nice since i love the pro longwear products. They are supposed to wear longer than the usual products, so this bronzer should do the same. The shade i got is Nude on Board, this color doesnt give too much bronze color which is good to those who dont want to have a strong tan color. This feels like a sheen tan color with gold, not shimmery but gives a slight glow.

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush
This is a special edition face blender brush which is best used to apply bronzer all over face, since it came with the bronzers collection then it must be used for it. I have mentioned before that MAC make the worst brushes when they come in those special edition packaging and sets, they are numbered like the real ones in addition the SE (which stands for Special Edition) but the quality is lame, not worth spending a dime over them. But this brush is different since it is numbered SH (which stands for Short Handled), meaning it has the same quality as the original MAC brushes but the handle comes short. The brush is big so it will pick up plenty of product and it is very soft on the skin so you can buff out or blend any color.

Gone Sailing Makeup Bag Set
Those are really cute makeup bags, ones comes in reasonably medium size and the other one is reasonably small, both fit a good amount of products. Striped fabric is used to make the bags with a golden rope. The small bag has a hook to connect it to the bigger bag if wanted.

The collection was launched on Thursday 21.June.2012, and the last time i checked (which was on Saturday) stock was still available for most of the products. MAC used to run out of limited edition products on the same day but its not the case anymore, the collection could last for days! It is either MAC started to stock more or girls just got tired of the constant launching of those LE collections.

3 Comments on MAC Hey, Sailor! Collection and my Picks

  1. I have been skipping MAC collections.. Haven’t found anything from them that is truly impressive.. I think it’s coz they focus too much on bringing out new collections twice a month rather than the actual quality of them..

    Can’t wait until MAC comes out with something worthwhile…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the pieces though! =)

  2. Linda, honestly i have no idea, i got rid of the packaging.

    Delyteful Speaks, its true, they started to repeat alot of color and include alot from the permanents, but sometimes they come with few colors that are really worth it. i cant miss any!!

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