Blush by 3 is a blush palette that has 3 shades of blush, Sleek Makeup is well known of its really pigmented blushes, they are amazing, and just a tiny amount will be enough. The Blush by 3 palettes come in 5 different palette: Pink Sprint, Pumpkin, Lace, Flame, or Sugar.

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  1. oh la la the palette you chose is yummmmy!

    I have Sleek Scandalous blush which is a great dupe for NARS Exhibit A.. It’s bright red and is just goorgeous for a I’ve-been-out-in-the-sun-all-day kinda look 😉

  2. Delyeful Speaks, i believe i got 4 blushes from Sleek beside this palette, my favorite is Suede which came in the Nude Collection.

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