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So i have been dying to get this product since i first heard about it, somehow i felt it in my guts that this will be a really good product, probably because it has “Oxygen” word on the packaging! LOL makes me think it is all good and healthy! and another reason that lately i started to appreciate this brand alot, much more than before. They are trying to improve their products and you can see that they are doing a really good effort, which is why they are now making really good ones.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation:
This is an oil free foundation that gives light to medium coverage, the texture is very smooth and blends well into the skin, it has a UV protection and SPF25. The foundation is hydrating and makes the skin looks luminous which is why i love this foundation, its not only keep my skin oil free but also it makes it healthy glowy. When a foundation comes out with all those factors and without breaking my skin it comes my best friend.

The packaging is really cute, makes me wanna look at it all day, i love the pump and once pumped it gives a good amount of product, its not too much or too little, one pump is enough. The formula is a bit runny, very light on the skin and blends very well. It feel kind of matte once applied but after working it into the skin you can see the luminous effect.

The packaging also include a sample of PoreFessional, a review about it is coming afterwards.

Hello Flawless Powder:
This compact powder compliments the foundation, the texture is smooth, not drying at all with an SPF 15. The color matches perfectly with the foundation. The packaging is as cute as the foundation, it also has two application, one brush and one sponge.
I always thought to myself, brands should always make a powder for their foundations, not a general setting or loose powder, but a powder that comes with almost the same specifications/color as the foundation itself, i was happy when i saw this one along with the foundation and didnt hesitate a bit to buy it.

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  1. i tried the pore minimize and I liked it so much, Will give these 2 a try also, I am sure they will be great

  2. Marwa, Yes porefessional is a really good product.

    vintagelady__ not a wide range of shades but i found the perfect shade for me. give it a try. and yes it is available in AD.

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