Do you have difficulty in drawing a neat eyeliner? i found an easy way to do it.

The easiest way to do it, especially for people who are not used to the eyeliner pen/wand and find it difficult to draw  a proper line, is to use the gel liner. You can go for MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, and use an angled brush, i prefer Sigma E65 because it is very small and gives me more control in drawing the line.

Start with the middle of the eye and outwards, here you are supposed to draw a thin line and go slightly thicker outwards, always use small strokes, dont draw one line from the beginning to the end because alot cannot perfect it. Concentrate on the line you are drawing and with each stroke/line you draw open your eyes to check in the mirror if your line is good or not.Once you finished the first part you can start drawing small strokes from the inside of your eyes until the middle where you first started, keep on stroking above the line to perfectly connect them.

Just in case you felt that you did something wrong always clean the area with a Q-tip, the faster you do it the more cleaner you can get it, if you kept it for a while the gel liner will dry and it will be difficult to remove it except with a makeup remover, which in this case you dont want to use so you wont have to mess your already applied makeup/eyeshadow.

It might sound a bit difficult and takes time while i explain it but it me it is more neat than applying it with a pen/liner. It is very easy and will take no time once you get used to it.

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