FibreLash by Model Co. created this mascara kit to create a flase lash effect in few minutes, the kit has two wands, one is an actual mascara and the other smaller one has fibre.

How it works?
First apply one coat of mascara, then wait few seconds until it dries to apply the fibre coat. Also wait few seconds for the fibre to settle on the lashes then apply a generous coat of the mascara. For more voluminous look keep on adding the fibre coat then mascara over.

What i think about it?
The first time i used it my eyes were very irritated from the fibre coat, i hated this because i have a really sensitive eyes and anything can irritate them. I only didnt the fibre coat ones so i didnt see anything significant about it, any normal-really-good mascara can do better without the hassle of the fibre coat. I started to like it later on not because it really worked as lash extension, it didnt reach this far, but it is really a good mascara who wants a voluminous eyes.

There is one thing annoyed me and i dont know if anyone faced the same thing, after applying the mascara i have to make sure to keep my eyes wide open until everything is really dry otherwise my upper and lower lashes will start sticking and tangling with each other, that’s not a nice feeling at all!

You can order FibreLash from and it costs $50 + $10 for delivery in the UAE.

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