MAC recently launched Heavenly Creatures Collection in Abu Dhabi MAC stores, the collection is all about Mineralize skinfinishes, eyeshadows,  blushes, Cremesheen Glasses, lipsticks , brushes and a mascara, in addition to Mineralize skincare line.

Those are my picks from the collection:

Mineralize Skinfinish: Star Wonder

This is the only Mineralize Skinfinish that i liked from the collection, the rest where either too light, too dark or too shimmery. This one is a bit shimmery to my taste but the color is really beautiful, and as you can see from the swirly colors you can never guess what kind of colors result you will get from the mix, same thing goes to the blush and eyeshadows. The color payoff is way lighter than it shows in the packages and since the gold is a dominant you will have alot of gold shimmer mixed with pink.
My rate: 4/10

Mineralize Blush: Ring of Saturn

Again this is the only blush i liked, there are other nice colors but i wanted to pick something different, the blush has only 2 color combos, but the color payoff is more of the lighter shade in the package. Still it is not too light, it is more suitable to be used as a “blush” than Star Wonder (Mineralize Skinfinish).
My rate: 6/10

I also got 5 eyeshadows from the collection which are:


This might be my most favored color in the eyeshadows that i have from the collection, the color mix gives a pearly light maron/brown shade, the colors are always lighter than what you will expect, they seem more darker in the package, and as you know they can also be used wet which will make the color more darker and that’s the way i prefer using it.
My rate: 8/10


I know that i already said that Aurora might be my most favored color but this one is also beautiful, the kind i like using all the time. You can hardly guess what kind of color you will get from the mix and this ones gives a taupe-y color which is my favorite color for eyeshadow. Always make sure to swirl the brush over all colors to get the right mix, but if you just kept the brush over one or two colors you might either have a very light or very dark color, depending on what shade you put your brush on.
My rate: 8/10

Universal Appeal:

First of all i would like to say that i like this name, it sounds bigger than an eyeshadow 😀 Again the color looks much more darker in the package! But it gives a beautiful goldy purple, the kind that you wont be afraid of using everyday. It reminds me a bit of Vex eyeshadow also from MAC, Vex might be a bit darker, i am doing my swatches at night under the natural room’s light which i hate.
My rate: 7/10

Neo Nebula:

I dont think i will ever remember this name, it sounds very hard on my tongue :-s Anyways, i hate this color mix, i have no idea why i bought it, i knew from the mix in the package what kind of result i would get because i already have a similar eyeshadow with an almost the same color result, and i was right when i swatched it, if i swatched it properly in store i dont think i would buy it. It is a very shimmery pearl pink, it looks really pretty under strong light but it might look a bit chalky and too shimmery on the eyes, i have to be careful how and when to use it.
My rate: 4/10


I thought a million times whether to buy this color or leave it, i am not a blue nor green eyeshadow kind of person, and what i already have is hardly touched, i dont use them much but i do sometimes, and when i do i always regret, those two colors seem not to like me either! But this color mix is appealing to me, i dont think i will ever use it on my eyelids but i thought that maybe, again i say maybe, i will use it to underline my lower lash line. It was just a thought when i saw the color, will see about it!
My rate: 4/10

I also got 2 Cremesheen Glasses, i remember i promised myself last year not to buy more lipglosses because i already have much which i barely use, i was so addicted to lipglosses in my earlier years of makeup but then i stop liking them, they dont last as longer as lipsticks plus the sticky feeling isnt nice! I dont go over board now when i buy glosses, i only buy when i really do like them, and those two colors are really pretty, but the problem with Cremesheen Glasses that they dont last long, i have to keep on reapplying every hour which is annoying.
I got Meteoric which is a coral color with shimmer, and Strictly Plutonic which is a very gorgeous pink brown color.
My rate on both colors: 5/10 (even though i like the colors but i rate low because they dont last long).

And i got one lipstick which i wanted for so long that was already launched in a previous collection, that is Cut A Caper, which is a pink coral that has lustre finish which i dont like because i will hardly have a color unless i apply it like a million coats but i still wanted it. The color isnt new nor unique.
My rate: 5/10

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  1. Seriously Mac collections have been so disappointing for me… But I thought I might.. just might find something intriguing in this collection but.. nope..

    Everything, although looked so pretty, when swatched seemed unoriginal and just not different..

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