If you love a super “drama mama” lashes then this mascara is for you, the Haute & Naughty Lash mascara is a double effect wand, like it has two wands but it works in a really weird way, one to volumize and the other is to lengthen lashes. It is super black and gives amazing results in just one coat.

The mascara is a bit funny when you really look at it, it is the same wand but it looks different from each opening, the smaller one which is the pink will make the mascara have less product and will give a lengthening effect, as for the glittery purple it has a bigger opening that will allow for more product on the wand and will give a more volumizing effect.

I know alot of people loved and praised the FibreLash, honestly i tried to love it, like really love it, it worked well with me for a while but later on whenever i look at the two wands and think that i will go with all those coats and fibre and feel irritated afterwards, i just change my mind and go for a regular mascara, it is just too tiring to deal with on a daily basis. The Haute & Naughty has a double effect wand  and it works so fast and gives me amazing results in no time.

The mascara is very black, it takes me a little bit more eye makeup remover solution and time to remove it, but nothing serious or too dramatic, i am talking about an extra cotton pad and few more seconds.

My final words..This mascara is no joke!

(ps. I always stress on using a lash curler before applying any mascara to have more amazing result)

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