When i first saw this product at Bloomingdales and tested it which i usually do on the back of my hand i instantly loved it, this Clinique BB Cream is a alot different from the one i use from Garnier. Garnier BB cream is very thick, heavy and a bit oily for my skin, but Clinique wasnt and i felt it more suitable for my skin and i immediately purchased it.

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream comes with a sun protection of SPF 30 in addition to antioxidants to prevent imperfections. Clinique BB Cream (as most BB cream problem) only comes in 3 shades.

Surprisingly, once i applied it on my skin i got a shocked and horror look on my face, even if the cream looks dark squeezing it out of the tube or  swatching it on my hand it turns shades lighter than its actual color, it feels and smell alot like a sun block. Once i applied it on my skin it no longer looks like a BB cream but more like a regular sun block, the scent is overwhelming and i dont know how the color transferred shades lighter, even though it looks pretty dark.


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  1. Marwa, i thought its pretty obvious from my last paragraph that i didnt like it, even though Garnier is not a high end brand but it is better than Clinique.

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