GUNNARS are high tech computer eyewear designed to protect, enhance and optimize your vision

If you spend long hours facing a computer/laptop screen then you will know what kind or problems you will be having afterwards, like eye fatigue, irritation, headache, and all comes mostly from the blue light and glare coming from the screen.And that’s why the glasses come with yellow shade, you will notice an immediate change of screen color once you wear it, and instantly you wont be irritated from the glare.

I am the kind of person who likes to get full brightness out of the screen and i know this annoys me sometimes, but wearing Gunnars i dont feel irritated at all, i can open my eyes fully which i usually half shut after a period of time facing a glared screen.Plus the glasses are lightweighted, very comfortable to wear for hours. The only problem with it, and same problem occurs while wearing regular sunshades that i feel an uncomfortable pain behind my ears after an hour or so. Does anyone have the same problem or is it just me?

So Gunnars comes in two different categories:

1. Advanced Computer Eyewear,:which is divided into Amber (for normal computer users) and Crystaline (for graphic designers and film/photo editors and creative persons). Crystaline doesnt come as yellow as the others so the colors wont change much.

2. Advanced Gaming Eyewear: this one is designed specially for games, it also has a yellow lens.

To know more detailed information about Gunnars visit their website, you can also order online.

I got an Amber one which is for normal computer using, and the model i got is called Groove.

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