This is the new lightweight foundation by Urban Decay, i wasnt surprised when they called it “Naked” skin after the outrageous success of their original Naked and Naked 2 eyeshadow palettes.


The bottle is a bit taller than usual and here is a comparison in size between Naked Skin and Makeup Forever HD foundation.

The bottle comes with a pump, and the amount of product that comes out of a single pump is reasonable, i mostly use two pumps for a full face, so to me one pump is little. The product is pretty runny and maybe that’s why it is light weighted.

They made the numbering system easy, first of all make sure that you know which skin tone you have, are you warm or cool? The numbers that ends with (.0) are for warm skintones, the ones that ends with (.5) are for cool skintones.

Regarding coverage, its is light, so dont expect much of its coverage, you have to work on correcting your face properly before applying the foundation and i like using the corrector by Bobbi Brown. It says that the foundation is buildable but i dont like adding to much product on my face, if it didnt give me a full coverage from the first or second application then i wont try to add more.

The foundation has a demi matte finish but at the same time it gives a little glow, and it does last long, i didnt need to touch up for more than 6 hours which is really good for an oily skin. The foundation is oil free, some product claim to be oil free but they dont feel like it once i wear them, you can tell what the real product once you try it but this one is true to its word.

Apart from what it says about the foundation, this is what i personally think of it: once i apply it i feel my skin is “naked”, like i didnt apply anything, just looking straight at my bare skin but at the same time it looks smooth and almost flawless, i know that i wore makeup but my skin doesnt really tell that. Who is seeking a natural foundation that enhances the skin and look then this is the one.

The only thing i didnt like about this foundation is its strong smell, it reminds me of the chemical smell of MAC foundations, other than this i didnt see anything i didnt like.

The way i apply this foundation: After applying primer, i apply foundation on all over my face (you can use any brush like MAC 190 or Sigma F60) but i usually use Real Technique  Stippling brush, then by using a Sigma F84 i just dab it on my skin, the foundation is light so it will blend in no time.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation is going to be available at Sephora stores starting first of December, this is what the saleslady at Sephora store told me.

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