First of all, i am happy to announce that finally we have Urban Decay (and Too Faced) brands in Abu Dhabi at the recently opened Sephora store at Al Wehda Mall. Of course my information is not new since the store was opened several months back, my bad that i didnt update my website sooner.

Anyways, this is a quick photo review about the latest palette by Urban Decay called Smoked, this palette is created to have the perfect colors to create a smokey eye and i think the choice of colors are brilliant.

No surprise that the quality and pigmentation of UD eyeshadows are amazing, except of the fall outs which you have to be careful about while doing your makeup.

This is the outside box of the palette, i like the font they used to write “smoked” and i also liked the idea of having a kind of matte black box and the writing is shining “foiled”. You will also know what the box contains from the white writing on the left lower corner where it has, of course, the Smoked Palette, a 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil in black which is one of the best eye pencils in the market, an eyeshadow primer potion and a “how-to-look” book.

This is the back of the outside box, you can see all the eyeshadow colors and its names, in addition to the eye pencil and a picture of the primer potion. I believe this is the new tube of the primer.

This is the smoked palette which comes in a shape of a pouch with a zipper, the pouch feels leathery and nice but i know this kind of leather tend to get dirty in no time. And this is also the size of the primer potion that comes with the palette, it can be found in one side of the box, so make sure if you got the palette to open the box from two sides to get the palette from one side and the primer from the other.

As i said the palette comes in a shape of a pouch with a very neat zipper, i hate this kind of palettes for no reason but when you think about it they are very secure for carrying in a bag or while traveling, the box will never accidental open like some cases with other palettes.

The beautiful palette from the inside, you have 5 colors on top and 5 colors below and the eye pencil comes in the middle, as i said this eye pencil is really good and creamy, one of the best eye pencils in the market. You have 4 matte eyeshadows and 6 shimmery ones.

A closer look on the colors, as you can see the black and brown are matte colors but Mushroom is shimmery.

Kinky and Freestyle are also matte colors, those are suitable for wearing on all over lid of highlighting “Kinky”. Mushroom is the only shimmery color on the upper line.

Those are the beautiful and shimmery colors from the lower line, Barlust is my favorite color which i like to wear on all over lid.

The last two colors in the palette which are also shimmery, you can tell from the photos how beautiful the colors are and if you are familiar with UD eyeshadow quality you will know how beautiful they will turn out in real. As i said before UD eyeshadows are really pigmented and beautiful especially the shimmery colors.


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