Sigma Beauty recently launched brow powder duos that come in 4 different shades (Light, Medium, Dark, Auburn), i order Medium since i found it pretty close to my favorite brow duo from Anastasia in shade Brunette/Dark Brown. Once i received the shipment i saw that it is almost (if not) exactly the same shades.

What i liked about Anastasia Brow Powder Duo that it is especially designed for eyebrows, you can always use regular eyeshadows but the brow powders are designed for brows which are water and smudge proof, they will last longer on brows and they wont smudge or budge if we touch them.
Brunette/Darn Brown from Anastasia was also my favorite because ashy colors suit me more and i like the lighter shade for a soft natural look, or i only use it at the beginning of my brows and then mix it with the dark color on the rest, this way my lashes will still look natural by not looking like one straight dark color, they will look more natural by getting a soft color at the beginning and then they get darker.

Now Sigma Brow Powder Duo in shade Medium have exactly the same shades and quality, which are perfect for me. It comes in a small black compact with a holographic Sigma writing on top, the packaging is pretty neat. The quality of the powder is really good, and the color last long. With the right tool you will get nice and neat eyebrows, i normally use an angled brow brush from Sigma numbered E75. Afterwards i set my brows in place by using a clear brow gel that i also got from Sigma which is duo sided, one side is clear which i usually use and the other is tinted but i dont like to use it because it has shimmer.








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