I have read and heard about this toothpaste so much that i had to try it myself, alot of people are raving about it, how good and healthy it is. To be honest i still don’t understand what the hype is all about because i just started using it.

Now this toothpaste is well known for its strong antiseptic smell and taste, it is very “hot” that i can barely leave the paste in my mouth, i feel the instant urge of rinsing my mouth, this only happened to me on the first use but then i got used to it. As a matter of fact i loved this stinging feeling, i am well known if loving strong minty hot toothpastes and this thing does it all. Since it is very strong in taste and smell i stopped using my regular mouthwash, as i said this thing does it all!!

Another thing, Euthymol is Fluoride free, i still dont understand why is it better, i always thought that having Fluoride in a toothpaste is good, but i have read that some people with gum problems are somehow allergic to Fluoride, I am still new to this toothpaste and i will dig and read more about it.

The tube is smaller than a regular toothpaste tube, the ones we mostly use are 120ml but this one is only 75ml. In addition, the toothpaste is in pink color, how cool is this!! I believe the pink tone will make teeth brighter in time, or so i hope!!

Now let me tell you that Euthymol is not available in the UAE or anywhere close, most people buy it from the UK and i have ordered it from Amazon UK website, it even costs less that the US Amazon.

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