Now beat the heat with a healthy cup of frozen yogurt, and dont forget to add a daily doze of fresh fruits, this is a healthy way to beat the ice cream and sweet cravings. I am well known for my sweet cravings, especially midnights i always die for an ice cream, but right now i always die for a frozen yogurt!! I didnt excpect not for a second in my life that i will love it, i dont really like yogurt and i hate fruits but this thing is so yummy i cant stop having it.

The good thing that i dont feel guilty after having it, first of all it is made of a non-fat/skimmed milk/yogurt in addition to a healthy yogurt you can add your toppings, try to skip the chocolate and sugary stuff and add more of the fresh fruits.

My favorite order is an original yogurt, and i usually add those yummy toppings (Raspberry, Mango, Granola and Oreo) I try not to have Oreo all the time and replace it with Granola.

My top favorite is Pinkberry mainly because their toppings are fresh, Yogoday is my second choice because there is a branch closer to my residence.



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