Lately ive been purchasing alot from drugstores, i used to be against it but now drugstore products started to compete the expensive lines.

Ive been really enjoying this foundation from Revlon, it took me a while to pick my shade because as you know not all testers are available for the drugstore brands. I dont know if this happens globally but it is very frustrating in here, most drugstore brands dont have testers for all their products, so this foundation was one of them, until one day more testers were brought and i had the chance to try them.

ColorStay foundation comes in two kinds one for oily/combination skin and one for normal/dry skin, since my skin is oily i picked the oily/combination foundation.

So far ive been loving it, it didnt break out my skin, it didnt change color, it stays all day even with ablution which amazed me because mostly such “unmoving” foundations tend to be a bit drying but not this one, my skin stays healthy and radiant all day.

Regarding coverage it is light to medium which i prefer for a daily use, and the thing i love about it that it doesn’t settle in the corner of the mouth which happens with most foundations.

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