I am a sucker for nude lipsticks, whenever i go purchase makeup i have to come home with nude lipsticks, they always attract my eyes between all this makeup goodness.

On my last MAC shopping i took my BACK2MAC and got 2 nude lipsticks (Honeylove and Half n Half) and one pink (Pink Plaid).

In addition i bought my favorite lipgloss from MAC which is called Lust, i love it so much that i keep on repurchasing it. Also i got another nude lipstick which VivaGlam II, and just in case you dont know this information but you cannot take a VivaGlam lipstick from your BACK2MAC because part of the lipstick fee goes to AIDS CHARITY and support.

If you are not familiar with BACK2MAC program it is basically returning 6 packaging back to MAC and you will get one lipstick free from the permanent line in return (note that you cannot return Limited Edition packaging, lash packaging and wipes bag), and MAC will get those packaging back for recycling purposes.


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