As i promised before on my instagram account that i will be posting swatches of my NYX products that i purchased last time, i know it took me a bit longer because of the Eid holiday, i had the pictures ready (which usually they are the reason im always late in my posts that i didnt take any) but i delayed this time because i didnt have to write.

First of all i want to briefly say that NYX is a drugstore cosmetics brand, we actually have it in the Middle East (can be found at Centerpoint), but our counters are always empty which is why i mostly order online, i remember years ago i was dying to get specific jumbo pencils but i couldn’t find in the UAE then i ordered them online, this time i also ordered online because i found a seller that sells them in sets. All 13 matte glosses came together in one set for $53.48, the first brown/neutral lip pencil set for $10.80 and the pinks/orange lip pencil set also for $10.73. I also got 5 blushes each priced differently between $4.87-$5.86 . I ordered from Amazon website through my Aramex Shop and Ship US account.




The blushes come in a cuttle little packaging, very convenient for a small makeup bag and on the go, the texture and finish is a little powdery but most of them give a good color pay-off, my mistake is that i ordered a couple of very light shades, they still work on my skintone if layered but they will definitely work better if they were darker, you can see from the swatches the very light colors to the pigmented.






Now the fun part are the 13 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, they look like lip glosses but they are creamy and kind of opaque, they might be more opaque if layered but some colors will still look a bit sheer.

Most colors are really beautiful, but when i first opened the packaging they didn’t feel right to me, they looked like an old dried product which i thought they were but they actually look like this, maybe because the product finishing is matte which gives it this dried look. Once applied the product feels very light and smooth on lips, it doesn’t feel heavy at all as if i barely applied any product, and in few seconds the product dries up a bit to give the matte finish.

There are a couple of light shades i didn’t like, i don’t think they compliment my skintone, and the darkest red (Monte Carlo) doesn’t feel right to me, it has clumps coming out of the bottle and it looks disgusting.

Notice the name of each product, they come by cities’ names and Abu Dhabi is included, im not surprised it is a nude shade, how beautiful.






I got 2 sets of Long Lasting Slim lip pencils, the first one are browns and neutrals, the second are pinks and orange. I dont see anything special about them, they are not very creamy but they are good lip pencils.



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  1. This is my first time to go through your blog cuz I already have you on instegram. You did a pretty good job with those swatches, I was thinking of expanding my makeup collection but, I don’t like to try things out randomly so, keep on posting new reviews and swatches

    Allah ywaf8ch 7bibti

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