I was so excited to order some Hourglass products, this brand was founded in 2004 by Carisa Jones by introducing the brand with “cutting-edge” ingredients and formulas to protect and enhance the skin. Now Hourglass brand is a bit expensive comparing to others, it can be compared in prices to Chanel and those high-end brands, and that is why i was so hesitant to buy from the brand on the first place, but hearing and reading so many great reviews about it i thought maybe it is really worth the price.


Hourglass got alot of hype by its Ambient Lighting Powders, at first i got a single one which is called Luminous Light, and then a limited edition palette of 3 colors came out and i also got it, it has 2 permanent shades which are Dim Light (Left) and Radiant Light (Right), in the middle is a limited edition shade which is called Incandescent Light.



I was so intrigued to try the Femme Nude Lip Stylo since i am so into nude lipsticks. This range come in really nude shades and the darkest colors are Nude 5 and Nude 6, i got Nude 5 which is different from the others that it is frost.


The last product i got is the VEIL Mineral Oil Free Primer, the primer comes in a small bottle with the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette but i read good reviews about it so i got one in full size.



I am so in love with Hourglass choice of packaging, they look and feel really expensive, the products are great and i am enjoying them so far. The packaging color is very similar to Tom Ford with the dark steel brown and gold lines and writings.

I ordered Hourglass products from Sephora.com by shipping it to my US address, unfortunately Sephora.com started to reject my US address provided by Aramex but then i used MyUS and it worked.

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  1. Whats myUS? Coz i noticed aramex refused my US shop n ship as well..so had to order my hourglass products from amazon..how do u use the palette? As finishing powders and highlighter?

    • MyUS works almost like Aramex’s shop and ship, they will provide you with a US address and will send you your shipment with your choice of delivery whether its through mail or fast courier, maybe their delivery chargers are a little bit expensive than Aramex’s but i dont use MyUS address alot except for website that dont accept Aramex’s anymore. Check their website for more details http://www.myus.com

    • and regarding the ambient lighting powders, darker more frostier colors i use them as highlight and the lighter ones i dust it lightly all over my face or above my blush for a sheen look.

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