Those two lipsticks are part of the Divine Night collection by MAC which is the holiday collection that is launched every year in the holiday season. Usually holiday collections are big, full of varieties and good looking packaging and bags, but not this year, i wasnt impressed at all, the packaging was less than ordinary and the choice of colors is very repetetive, i didnt find anything unique or worth buying this time except those lipsticks. They are not a “dont-miss-them” lipsticks, i really wanted the skip the whole collection but i said two lipsticks wont do harm, i can always mix them with other colors and make them look better.


The dirty nude lipstick is called Exclusive Event, it looks very “non-wearable” kind of nude but it will look good with a bright gloss on top, the other berry shade is called Private Party which isnt bad by itself but nothing unique about it, i still have to use them to really love them, hopefully!

I ordered those two lipsticks from MAC official website, the collection will be launched soon in the Middle East, maybe by the end of December.

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