Sephora-Dubai Mall launched Marc Jacobs Beauty line on Saturday November 16,2013, luckily i was at The Dubai Mall that day and went to have a look at the new makeup line and test the colors, the place was a bit crazy, it was a Saturday night, the place was crowded and there were alot of cameras shooting the launch of Marc Jacobs Beauty line so i didnt have proper time to test everything, but i did my best to try some and choose what i want.


Those were the items that caught my eyes at first, i got one foundation, one lipstick, one lip lacquer, three blushes and an eyeshadow palette, i will include a quick review about each product because i didnt use them for a long time, i just got them 5 days ago and i still need some time to really build an honest opinion. But here is my first thoughts and review about them within those 5 days.



The eyeshadow palette Style Eye-Con in No.7 called The Lolita, this is the nude/neutral palette and i wanted to get it since i first saw it launched at Sephora website, the palette is very long and slim, the colors look really natural which they are in real, the color payoff is not bad but they are in the powdery side. I think the palette is very nude to me, all of the colors are very light and there are alot of frosty/highlighting colors except for the dark matte brown. I will definitely take another palette with much darker colors next time.




The blushes are so much fun, the packaging is really nice and the colors on display were amazing, i ended up buying three colors that i couldnt resist, they are not pigmented but they have good color payoff. They can come out a bit powdery (i like to add Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder on top to add sheen to them).





I wasnt intending to get a foundation at first but then i said Why Not!! I got the shade Deep Beige 38, i am not sure if i was in a hurry and didnt check all the colors properly but i didnt find any foundation with a yellow undertone, they were either pink or neutral, Deep Beige is a neutral shade. The coverage is light, buildable to medium, the texture is very light and blends easily and smoothly, it has a satin to matte finish, very suitable for oily skin which really surprised me, i wasnt expecting this at all. The description i read about it at Sephora website is really different from what i experience in real. It worked great on my oily skin and it also worked on my sister’s dry skin, but i still think it is more suitable for combination/oily skins.



I am still not sure what to think of the lip products, i got one lipstick in Role Play which was very creamy and moisturizing, i loved it but it took me a while to choose a color (the one i chose was an excellent choice) plus i was so hesitant about it until i was at the cashier and ended up buying. There are two types of lip lacquers at Marc Jacobs, one is sheer and the other is Full which is the one i got in shade Fame, it is very dark and pigmented but i havent used it yet.

Luckily i am still keeping the invoice of my purchases, prices are in AED:
Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl – AED 140/-
Syle Eye-Con No.7 – AED 265/-
Lovemarc Lip Gel (lipstick) – AED 150/-
Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation – AED 215/-
Shameless Bold Blush – AED 165/-

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