My addiction to lashes started last year, i wasn’t very good in applying them at first, i struggled alot and it tool me alot of time (and mess!) to master it.
I know alot of girls are facing the same problem but let me give you some very helpful trick in applying false lashes:
– First of all you wont be able to wear lashes properly without practicing, buy some cheap lashes and practice at home (every day if you have to).
– second measure the lashes before applying, some are very long and need cutting from the outer sides (never cut the insides), if you apply them without properly matching your eyes you wony be able to fix them properly.
– Use a tweezer to help you apply the lashes, if you prefer your fingers then it is ok.
– Look down while putting on the lashes, put a mirror down, it is alot easier this way.
– Use a good adhesive, DUO is the best so far,can be found at MAC, Makeup Forver and Inglot stores. Put a small amount of adhesive and wait for amount 20-30 seconds before applying them, it will be less messier when the adhesive is goopy.
– Wait a bit after applying false lashes until the adhesive dries, apply a bit of mascara on your real lashes only, this will lift the lashes up and open the eyes.







Final tip: dont throw away your lashes once you use them, just clean them afterwards with makeup remover and pull out the adhesive, store them back in their original box or get one of those cute lash storages, can be found online or at Daiso stores.

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