As soon as i heard Hourglass Cosmetics are going to launch a new blush line i couldnt wait to order, i wasnt able to order when it first launched because everything was sold out in no time, after few days i found the two that i ordered were back in stock but the rest werent, so i ordered them immediately.

First of all let me say what is special about those blushes that a blush color is mixed with the famous Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, and if you are familiar with those Powders you will notice that the names of the blushes are connected with them. For example, the blush on the right is called Mood Exposure and there is a Lighting Powder called Mood Light, and the blush on the left is called Radiant Magenta and the Lighting Powder is called Radiant Light.

The blushes that i got are really amazing, i didnt expect them to be this beautiful in real and they are gorgeous in wear. My favorite of the two is Mood Exposure and i wearing it alsmost everytime i wear makeup, yes it is this beautiful. As for Radiant Magenta, i loved it too even though i am not a pink blush kind of girl, i rarely use them but i think the secret that makes it very wearable to me is that it is mixed with the Lighting Powder.




I ordered mine for $35 each from www.hourglasscosmetics.com using MyUS forwarding company, they are also available at www.sephora.com for the same price. Hourglass Cosmetics are kind of expensive but they are totally worth it, every item i purchased and used i totally loved.


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