First of all i want to say that i love Hourglass products, i have used a bunch of products and i can tell that they are made of high quality (what this means lol) but seriously you can tell that this brand is really good, alot of people are complaining that their products are a bit pricy but i justify it that they totally worth it, all the products that i used so far are really good and non regretted purchasing.

This time i will be reviewing a foundation called Immaculate, i heard so much about it that i had to get it, and since it is a mattifying foundation and i have oily skin i thought it will work well on my skin. This foundation is actually a “liquid powder”, you pump the product out of the can and you get a foaming kind of liquid, but once you blend it turns out powder, not like a loose or compact powder, but they just said it right a liquid powder.




I took the risk and ordered online without knowing my shade, i checked some swatches online and decided that Beige could be my shade, and thank god it turn out to be. I might try a bit of a lighter shade next time just to check how their shades work.




Now the foundation bottle first comes with a cover, and there is an extra pump in the packaging, once i got it i removed the bottle’s cover and placed the pump, i have no idea why they did it this way, i cannot imagine why would someone use a foundation without a pump, i have experienced how annoying a foundation bottle can be without a pump, you cannot get the right amount out, it is either too little or too much. Pumps usually give a reasonable amount of products, it is never too little or too much, just a perfect amount.



Here is a swatch of the product, on the left is the amount of foundation that comes out of a single pump, on the left is how it looks like blended on the back of my hand.

My thoughts of the product: it works great on oily skin, it is indeed applied as liquid and goes on a bit powdery, plus it has a matte finish. It doesnt get oily during the day and lasts long. The coverage is light to medium, i dont like to build up my foundation so it wont look cakey but i only add a bit of concealer on any blemishes if needed.

I am loving this product so far and i know i will like it even more during the summer when my face gets more oily because of the heat, i am not a big fan of matte finishes, i always prefer foundations with dewy finishes but it doesnt mean i wont love a good matte one.

I have ordered mine from www.hourglasscosmetics.com for $55/-

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