Hello everyone!! i wanted to blog for a long time but i was facing a login problem for a while and didnt know how to fix it, did some research until i found out what was causing it and fixed it instantly.

I had to order some Lime Crime lippies for the new year, heard alot about those Velvetines lip glosses, or lipstick because they are very pigmented and once they dry the go matte, havent used them yet but hopefully will have a reason to very soon 🙂 I got two shades of Velvetines in red which is called Red Velvet and in pink which is called Pink Velvet, there is a third shade called Suedberry but i didnt get it. They cost $20 each.

I also got one Opague Lipstick in Cosmopop, i know how amazing those lipsticks are because i got one years back called Airborne Unicorn which is opaque and creamy. The lipstick costs $18.

I ordered them from LimeCrime.com and they do ship worldwide.





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