MAC is well known with its wide selection of lipsticks from its permanent range, the PRO range and also the ones that come in Limited Edition, i have collected them for years only to realise i was building a MAC empire of all Limited Edition ones and i had few from the permanent, so in the last couple of years i started to expand my permanent lipstick collection and boy how i missed alot of good stuff!!

I wont show every single lipstick i love by MAC but those two i have been really loving, and let me tell you that i am not a pink lipstick (nor blush) kind of girl, i rarely wear them, but those two are amazing, the kind of pink that i really love and wouldnt mind wearing everyday.

The first color is called Pink Plaid which is a purple pink, has a blue undertone, and it comes in a matte finish, i didnt match it with a lipliner yet but i’ve always used it with NYX lipliner in Rose, which is a perfect match with my other favorite pink lipstick that is called Please Me, it has a yellow undertone and also has a matte finish. Matte finishes are sometimes annoying because they dry the lips but i always make sure to apply a hint of lipbalm before wearing a matte lipstick.

Over the years I have noticed an increase in MAC lipstick prices, i remember when they were sold for around AED 75 or maybe less and the saleslady was all bragging how they keep their prices reasonable because they recycle the packaging, and the last time i purchased a MAC lipstick they were sold for AED 100!!





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