Who doesnt love Tom Ford cosmetics especially the lipsticks!! They are opaque and creamy. so dreamy-like while applying them. I own alot of shades especially the older ones that come in the white packaging and i remember i got most of them from Vienna before they were launched in the UAE, later on i got few more shades when they were launched at Harvey Nichols-Dubai.

The black packaging is the new one that comes in the full Tom Ford Cosmetics line, i believe the white ones are discontinued and (correct me if i am wrong) the shades are no longer available. I have posted about them before in addition to their swatches (check the link).

Now this shade is Pink Dusk is one of my favorite pink shades, as i mentioned before in my posts and who knows me well i dont wear pink that often, i find it really hard to find a perfect pink shade that i really feel comfortable with. I do try and wear all shades, some of them are worn on once or twice only just for the sake of using and trying the color but never felt that those shades really matches me or feel comfortable in them. I am more into nudes/peaches/beige those kind of shades, they compliment my skintone more. Pink Dusk is a lovely soft pink color, and since the finish is creamy and the color is opaque it makes it delicious to wear it.



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