I’ve always wanted to get Urban Decay Revolution lipstick and i kept delaying since forever, i actually wanted to get 4 shades but when i went to Sephora and checked them i couldnt find the other two, they werent even available in testers so the saleslady said that they might not got all colors, but i ended getting the other 2 shades in Liar and Naked2.

The lipsticks are amazing, they are creamy and opaque, they moisturize very well and they stay long except while eating or drinking because they stay creamy while wearing and they never dry out. The only problem, in my opinion, is the shade of the lipsticks, i dont like this flat round tip shape, it makes it very hard to actually draw the lipstick in the shape of the lips, i always end up wiping and correcting the edge lines.

They are kind of similar to MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks but i believe UD are more opaque, they are very similar in the finish and even the lipstick’s flat tip shape which is also annoying but they soften while use.




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