One of my friends recommended this foundation to me and since i trust her taste i wanted to give it a shot, i love By Terry brand but i had some trial and error with them a few times and the last time was when i got a foundation that i dont want to try to remember its name, yes it was that bad, maybe i didnt get my right shade (which rarely happens to me) but i noticed that i always get the wrong shade of foundation when i shop at Sephora store, i am not sure why but i guess it could be the lighting at the store that doesnt really let me see the exact shade of the foundation.

Anyways it could just be coincidence (weird huh!), but when i went to check By Terry Terrybly Densiliss foundation i couldnt find my shade, i checked Number 7 which was a bit light and number 8 which was too dark and orange (again this is what i saw when i was checking then at Sephora store), so i tried mixing them both and the result was matching to my skintone so i got them both even though one bottle costs alot, i dont remember the exact price but it was AED 400+!! I had to pay almost AED 1000 for 2 foundations.

When i came back home i just thought that mixing the two foundations was the right shade and when i did this i realized that the shade is almost 2 shades lighter than my skin, so i tried using number 8 alone and it was a perfect match!! I didnt think so when i swatched it instore, it was too dark and orangy, maybe it was just a bad bottle!!

So i gave away number 7 to my sister who matched her well and i kept number 8 and i am loving it, the foundation has anti-aging properties and has a wrinkle control serum, that’s why it is called a Serum Foundation.

The foundation has medium coverage and can be buildable, i dont like to do it though, i like to keep my foundation as thin as possible as long as it covers any blemishes/marks, it didnt break out my skin which i was so afraid that it would, it worked well on my skin and it makes it look radiant and flawless. It has a satin finish and it lasts all day long, since i used my NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder every foundation seems to lasts all day long!! I just love this NARS invention. I have those smiling lines and i would hate any foundation that would settle there even if i set my foundation with a proper setting powder, but this one doesnt.

The way i apply this foundation is by pumping a couple of pumps or a pump and a half on my finger tips, and then lightly dab the product all over my face, and then blend it really well using a beauty blender.

Since it is named Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation it is targeted for girls who are supposed to be using anti-aging products, so i believe it will not suit those girls who are younger.

By Terry can be found at Sephora-Dubai (i didnt see it yet at Abu Dhabi branches, but hopefully soon) The brand is a bit pricy but can be justified if the product works miracles, i would definitely be buying this product again.




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  1. Hey. Great review and pictures. Was wondering but what Mac Shade or Nars shade were you in when you used the foundation? I’m having a problem picking out a shade too.

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