I got my Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish from MAC Glamour Daze collection, it also came out recently at Magnetic Nude collection. It is described as a “soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer.” This is one of the best highlights that i got, at first i didnt like the texture and it swatched a bit hard with the first layer but once you break through i got a good amount of product and pigmentation and that’s when it came to be one of the best products that i have used.

The same problem happened with all of the Extra Dimension products, the first layer was a bit hard to break but once this first layer it gone the product comes out better, i have no idea what type of layer it is covered with but it makes it very smooth and kind of plastic-y that there will be hardly any product coming out but then the real powder comes out and that’s when the beauty comes. I wasnt a big fan of the eyeshadows though, i still find a difficulty in using them and they hardly stay put on my lids even with a primer but the blushes and highlights are amazing.



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