من فترة كنت أمر بمشلكة في المدونة يمكن سببه تحديث البرنامج ومن هل تحديث انه نزلت كومنتات ومع ذلك انا ماقريتها ولا سويت لها تصريح  والي ماجاوبت عليها تسمح لي لاني ماشفتهم نزولوا. المهم اني برجع اكمل نشاطي في البلوغ من بعد ماتصلحت المشكلة ولو اني اعرف انه المعظم يفضل الانستجرام بس المدونة تعطيني مجال أوسع اني احط تفاصيل من حيث الشرح والصورو ان شاء الله بنزل لكم اشيا حلوة قريبا.

I have been facing a problem with my blog in the last few months, i tried my best to post but there was something wrong and i couldnt edit the photos, probably it was because of the update of the software i am using, i dont know! anyways i hope this problem is solved by now cuz as you can see i have already uploaded few posts that i already posted on instagram before. hopefully i will be active again and the blog wont turn crazy on me again.

As for the comments that i didnt reply to i’m truly sorry, i didnt even have a notification that there are new comments they were posted here without my authorization and i didnt read them until recently.

Stay tuned with lots of good stuff!

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