Hello there! can you believe i have waited 2 months to get my order! The first time my order was lost in the mail (i contacted the website after a month of placing my order), and they sent it again which reached me after another month but im glad its here now.

Frank Body Scrub, Who doesnt have an idea about Frank product it is basically a coffee body that comes in different scents they have the original, cocoa, coconut and grapeseed, and peppermint which i think is new. The scrub targets skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, stretch mark, cellulite, acne and scarring.


The scrub comes in a paper packaging and there is a foil packaging inside to protect the product, never put the package in the shower as it will get wet and ruin the paper package, keep it in a dry place and just put some in a cup or plate whenever needed. I put about 3 tablespoon of scrub in a small plastic bowl and took it to the shower.

I used the coconut and grapeseed, this is my first time using a Frank product, after im done with my usual shower, i put some on wet skin and start rubbing with my hands, leave for 5-10 minutes then rinse so the body will benefit from the oils and ingredients. After that you will get the smoothest and softest skin you’ll ever get, there will be oil left on skin so dont wash it off.

The scent is pretty strong, if you are a coffee lover you will indulge in it, if not just ignore the scent or close your nose and enjoy a soft skin afterwards, its worth it.

I have ordered Frank scrubs from the website , they have international shipping, and you can also find it available with sellers.

The coffee scent is very strong which i dont want to ruin by adding a thick strong scented body cream and that’s why i chose Kiehl’s Creme de Corps as my body lotion. It gives medium moistirization and has almost no scent so it wont ruin the scrub’s work.


This is Frank body scrub in Coconut and Grapeseed, i wanted to show you how much i use for the whole body, this is about 3 spoon that i put in a plastic plate then take to the shower. I dont take the whole bag with me not to ruin it and i dont put my hand inside, i use the plastic spoon to keep it clean and dry.


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