This sculpting set by Luxie Beauty in collaboration with Jade (aka @jadeywadey180) was on my wishlist since it was launched, i loved the pink color and the brushes look soft and fluffy, Jade herself made it look like a must have for every girl who loves contouring and highlighting.

I didn’t get it at the beginning for so many reasons (mainly because i had other items on my wishlist which i wanted to get before) but then there was a discount code, i cannot remember who posted it but i thought it would be great to buy the whole set for such a good discount, i believe it was on 30% discount.

The original price of the set if $80 and after discount i got it for $52 !! which i believe is amazing for the whole set. Now i got the set around 2 months ago but i didn’t get the chance to use it yet, so i will leave the review for another post once i use them.

IMG_5224 IMG_5226

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